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Applications deadline: 20 September 2021
1st Round (online): 1 - 3 October 2021
2nd Round (online & offline): 7 – 10 October 2021
Live auditions and contest for national participants will be held in London, UK.

Grand Prix 2021. Registration Form (Open in new tab)
Grand Prix 2021. Press release (Download)
Гран-При 2021. Рег. Форма (рус. яз.)(Новое окно)
Гран-При 2021. Пресс Релиз (рус. яз.)(Загрузить)
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International Online Performing Arts Platform & Festival. Summer edition.       

Extraordinary acts, singing, instrumental performance, fine art & photography.
Applications deadline: 1 July 2021 Music (singing, instrumental performance), Composition & improvisation, Dance, Art (Fine Art, Photography)

New Talents World. Registration form (Link)
New Talents World. Registration form (Press release)
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      Dear Friends,

     It is our pleasure to announce the 8th edition of "Stars of the Albion. Grand Prix 2021" international performing arts festival & competition. This unique multicultural project joins musicians, dancers and artists from across the world and provides valuable opportunities for young emerging artists to showcase their talent as well as to enhance technical and performance skills, to establish and develop their career.  It is organised by Musica Nova Productions Agency & Academy under the Patronage of the World Association of Performing Arts (WAPA) and is promoted by Stars of the Albion Ltd Foundation.

   There are two rounds: the 1st Round is held online and the successful candidates are invited then to the 2nd round (Grand Prix Final 2021), which offers both offline & online form of participation. The offline competition – live auditions and performances are for national participants only this year.

  This year programme will include the competition, online workshops with British producers, judges and international artists, an Opening concert and a Gala concert of winners of the competition, a virtual tour of London and the Royal Windsor. All participants will receive Diplomas, trophies, awards as well as a feedback from our distinguished judges.

   We expect participants from England, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, China, Taiwan, Greece, Malta, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Belarus and other countries.

   Participation in this contest is open to artists from 6 years old with no age limit and is divided between age categories, with two options of participation in the capacity of either as amateur or professional performers. All styles and genres can be presented for the competition programme. There are no repertoire restrictions. It is expected that each participant will perform two contrasting compositions. For singers it is compulsory to include one song in English the second maybe performed either in English or in other languages. If that's the case, prior to the performance the contestant should provide the adjudication panel with an adequate translation into English in writing of their original song, which they are going to perform in the competition programme. Please see a full list of requirements in our programme section.

  Valuable prizes will be awarded for the best artistic work, short documentary film and choreography on music by the 20th century composer.

The adjudication panel is comprised of famous musicians, composers, producers and artists and international judges.


We are looking forward to welcoming you to our events & to extraordinary discoveries of the “Stars of the Albion” project!

• MUSIC                  Singing (classical, contemporary, musical theatre). 
                                Soloists and ensembles up to 12 people and choirs. 
                                Instrumental playing (classical, folk, jazz).
                                Soloists, ensembles up to 12 people.
                                Composition (solo & group).

• DANCE                 Ballet, modern, folk.
                                Soloists, ensembles up to 12 people and groups.
• VISUAL ARTS       Performance in Fine Art, photography, short documentary films.
• CIRCUS SHOW    Acrobatics, gymnastics, equilibristic, juggling, clowns, illusion.

Age category:    Children from 6 y.o. & adults, no age limit  

Applications deadline: 20 September 2021

1st Round (online): 1 - 3 October 2021
2nd Round (online & offline): 7 – 10 October 2021
Live auditions and contest for national participants will be held in London, UK.

Thursday, 7 October 2021
*Youth conference
*Opening Night of “Stars of the Albion. Grand Prix 2021”
Featuring outstanding young talents, laureates of “Stars of the Albion” festivals and distinguished international musicians, adjudicators & special guests of the competition.

8 – 10 October 2021
*Online Competitions. All nominations.
*Online Master classes – Artist management and UK music industry.
                                       UK music diplomas online. Introduction to Music
                                       education and educational programmes.

Saturday, 9 October 2021
*Live auditions and contest for national participants will be held in London

Sunday, 10 October 2021
*Virtual tour: London and Royal Windsor. *Gala Concert of winners and laureates with the participation of celebrity guest artists and ensembles.
*Online Gala Concert of winners and laureates with the participation of celebrity guest artists and ensembles.

Please note: there might be slight alterations in dates and venues. 

Based on the ratings put forward by the jury on a 10-point scale, the Org. Committee determines the winners of the first, second and third places, as well as the Grand Prix of the Competition.

• £1000 in total Grand Prix – 4 monetary prizes of £250 each per Discipline.

• I place Laureate – Golden trophy and Diploma.
• II place Laureate – Silver trophy and Diploma.
• III place Laureate – Bronze trophy and Diploma. 

• I place Diploma of Participation.
• II place Diploma of Participation.
• III place Diploma of Participation. 

• Certificate.


- A special prize for the best performance/choreography on music by the 20th-21st centuries.
- Concert prizes (performances throughout the year) are awarded to the Grand Prix winner and laureates of the 1st and 2nd places. 
- Special Diploma and “Star Lyre” award for the best dance/vocal number/ choreography / costume and stage presence.
- Special Diploma and award for the best artistic work and photography.                                  
- Special Diploma and award for the best short film script.
- “Audience Prize” / “Jury Prize” for the best performance / work.
- A “Young Future Talent of Stars of the Albion” Diploma for the youngest contestant.
- Diploma of appreciation to teachers and directors.
- Diploma of participant for every contestant.

Every discipline is subdivided between age categories. Based on the jury recommendation, the Organisers reserve the right not to award any places in a category.

The programme of the final Gala Show will be based on recommendations by members of the adjudication panel. The jury’s decision is a final one and should not be disputed.

A free choice of repertoire within the required total duration limit. Each contestant should perform two contrasting compositions. It is compulsory for Singers to include one of the songs in English. The second song can be performed on any language of the world. A written translation should be provided to the jury prior to performance if a song is to be performed in any language other than English.
All compositions should be performed from memory and in the original language. You can resubmit same compositions for the 1st and 2nd rounds.
It is important that all the recordings should be of the highest possible quality and in a landscape format only.
For the 1st round (at the time of submission of the application form) please provide us with the YouTube link to your performances. For the 2nd round each participant will be required to submit a perfect quality video recording by WeTransfer or Google Drive.

Requirements for maximum total duration of compositions performed: 

Individual participants and groups, its possible to participate in more than one nomination.

Singing: 7 minutes

Notes for offline auditions:
*Participants using the backing track must provide a high-quality instrumental accompaniment on a USB flash drive. Also, the backing tracks must be sent to the organizers in MP3 format at most 2.5 weeks before the
*Each sound recording must be on a separate medium with the name of the work, the author of the music, the text, the name of the ensemble or the name of the artist, as well as the duration of the work.
*Vocalists are not allowed to perform with the “plus”.

Dance: 4 minutes  
*Participants using the backing track must provide a high-quality instrumental accompaniment on a USB flash drive. Also, the backing tracks must be sent to the organizers in MP3 format at most 2.5 weeks before the start of the competition.
Instrumental performance:  Amateur category up to 10 minutes, Professional category up to 20 minutes in total.
Composition: Each participant should present a video recording of two compositions of their own choice. Any genre/style, can be instrumental/ vocal. If written to a lyrics, please submit also a general translation of the song in English. Total duration is up to 10 minutes.

Visual Arts: Performance in Fine Art, Photography, Short documentary film

- Artistic embroidery, macrame decoration
- Decorative and applied arts and crafts
- Painting (oil, watercolour, gouache, pastel, mixed technique)
- Drawing (graphics)

   All the images that you will be submitting are images of original artwork created by yourself or are the artwork created by an artist who authorized you to submit the images on his/her behalf and should be sent in a JPG format. We will have the right to publish and retain images of your artwork selected by the jurors on our website and other advertising channels to promote future competitions and your artwork. 

Online Round. A maximum of 6 images, a minimum of 3.

Based on digital images sent to us with the following specifications:
*Each image must be at least 72 dpi and 200 KB.
*The shortest side of the image must be at least 338 pixels. 
*All entries must be JPG format.
*Each image should not exceed 5MB and should be smaller than 7500 x 7500 pixels.
*Each piece can be no larger than 75 x 85 inches (192 x 218 centimetres). 
Diptych, Triptych: A work made up of multiple pieces can be up to 168 inches (427 centimetres) wide, as long as each part is no larger than 75 x 85 inches (192 x 218 centimetres).

A live Grand Final Round (for national participants only). A maximum of 3 works.
If you are selected into the Grand Final Round, your work must be framed or stretched. You are responsible for the cost of this if the work arrives unframed/unstretched. Framed work must be framed in a similar manner; the frames do not have to be identical, but they must be very similar. It is your responsibility to make sure that your artwork is adequately wired and ready to be hung.  The applicant is liable for all costs in connection with insurance, postage, transportation to and from competition venue(s), preparation of their works for an exhibition. The applicant should be available in person or to make alternative arrangements to collect their works from the venue on the last day of the festival. Organisation Committee is not liable to storage and for loss of any material left by the participant after the end of the competition.

Short documentary film:

Works to be submitted together with the registration form:
- 3 minutes script competition
       *The video file should not exceed 2-3 GB.
       *The video file can be sent in one of the formats: AVI, MPG, WMV, MOV.

Circus Show: minimum 4 minutes, maximum 8 minutes
All types of circus art, except: performances with animals, use of fire.

1. Choreography
• Composition, choice of repertoire, matching the repertoire with the age characteristics of the performer.
• Performing skills – style and technique, the culture of performance, musicality.
• Artistry, interest and variety, expression.
• Stage presence, decorations and costumes.

2. Singing
• Artistic interpretation, expression.
• Performance technique, purity of intonation, pronunciation, articulation.
• Choice of works, level of difficulty.
• Stage presentation, acting, production, costumes.

3. Instrumental performance
• Artistic interpretation, concept, architectonics.
• Performance technique, instrument control, purity of intonation (for strings and winds).
• Choice of repertoire, level of difficulty.
• Stage presence, costumes.

4. Composition
• Concept, form, architectonics, stylistic technique, instrumentation/ arrangement. 
• Performance technique and stage presence, stage presence, costumes.

5. Photography
• Concept, originality, composition.
• Technique, work with light, design, style.
• Expressiveness, impact on the audience.
• Costumes, decorations.

6. Visual Arts
• Composition, concept, originality.
• Technique, style, work with color, work with a line.
• Expressiveness, impact on the audience.
• Presentation

7. Short films
• Concept, content of work, compliance with the declared genre.
• Technique of performance, video quality, installation, complexity.
• Emotional impact on the audience, expressive tools and design (the presence of sound, effects, the use of scenery, light, costumes).
• Artistic performance.

8. Circus Show
• Performance technique, level of difficulty. Concept and originality.
• Costumes.
• Choreography.
• Music used for the performance, impact on the audience, artistic interpretation.

Registration fee is non-refundable and is payable at the moment of application and video submission.
50% discount applies for registration forms submitted by 15 September 2021.

*£50 registration fee per person (solo category)
*£20 per person for any additional category/nomination (solo category)
*£10 per person for any additional category/nomination (ensemble)
*£18 per person (a group of 2 – 3 people)
*£15 per person (a group of 4 – 5 people)
*£10 per person (a group of 6 and more people)

* £25 per person for a workshop/masterclass

Organiser – “Musica Nova” International Music Academy

4th Floor, Silverstream House, 45 Fitzroy Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 6EB
Tel: +44 (0) 7765 845489 | +44 (0)7832341745                        
Official competition website: www.starsofthealbion.org.uk
E-mail: starsofthealbion@gmail.com
CEO: Ms. Evgenia Terentieva-Jakubowski
President of the World Association of Performing Arts United Kingdom Section (WAPA)
Winner of a “Queen’s Award” from the British Council  
Laureate of international piano, singing, composition competitions <
Laureate of the Gold Franz Kafka Medal (Czech Republic)
Concert musician: singer, pianist, composer, educator
Dip Dist St. Petersburg Conservatoire (Russia), DipGSMD, HonLGSM (UK)


Hello to everyone!

We are happy to share great news. Our Concert the Stars of the Albion Festival & Contest Judges is now officially released.
Part 2 - laureates concert is on its way too.
Enjoy it and join us into the Stars of the Albion family. Next competition is coming. Fill in the registration form, hurry up.

Our sincere gratitude to: Ron Tom, David Serero, Harlano Weekes, Konstantin Lapshin, Joaquin Soffredini, Constance An Chi Hsieh, Sipan Olah, Hayley McKay, Alfiya Karimova, Ck Choir, Daniella, Jermaine Jackson, Inteligenesis!
And our video editor: Natalia Kolosova
Art around the universe
And also,
Musica Nova International Music Academy


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+44 (0) 7832341745